Vitamin Injections / IV Drips

Intravenous fluids and injections help restore you to your optimal health. Common conditions treated with IV therapy include dehydration, migraines, nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, hangovers, and chronic fatigue. IV therapy provides nutrients to improve health, reduce signs of aging, and boost immunity.

What to Expect

One of our highly trained RNs will assist with helping pick out the right IV drip for you. The nurse will gently place the IV and start administering fluids, which allows for the most optimal vitamin absorption. Many people find the process relaxing, as you are welcome to bring a book, browse your phone, or take a nap during the process. IV drips typically take one hour from start to finish.


After receiving an IV, most people leave feeling energized and hydrated and can return to all normal activities. The potential risks of IV therapy include, but are not limited to, discomfort, bruising, or pain at the injection site, and rare inflammation of the vein.

A person is relaxed in a medical chair, wearing a white robe, receiving intravenous therapy, in a bright room with blinds partially closed.

Is This Service Right For Me?

IV vitamin therapy can be beneficial for a wide variety of people. It is easy, convenient, and helps promote your best health and wellness. You may not be a candidate for this procedure if you have congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease, dialysis, weight under 100 pounds, or pregnant patients who have preeclampsia or gestational diabetes.

An IV drip stand in focus with a saline bag, leading to a blurred background where a person appears to be resting in a medical setting.
A person is reclining, holding a phone, with a bandage on their arm, possibly after a medical procedure like blood donation or vaccination.

Our Prices

$125+ per treatment

Immunity ($150)

Beauty ($175)

Energy/Jet Lag ($175)

Meyer’s Cocktail ($200)

Mood Booster ($175)

Hangover ($135)

Post Performance ($175)

Detox ($200)

Weight Loss ($150)

Hydration ($125)

NAD+ ($1,250 Loading Dose/$400 maintenance dose)