Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is used to reduce unwanted hair. What sets Ivy Aesthetics apart is that our laser hair removal is virtually painless. Gone are the days of pain and dread before your appointment.

This medical procedure uses a beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair.

This damages the hair follicles, which inhibit or delay future hair growth. Multiple laser hair removal treatments are needed for initial hair removal, and maintenance treatments may be needed as well.

What to Expect

  • The area to be treated must be shaved 24 hours before your appointment
  • No makeup/lotion/deodorant on the day of your appointment
  • Stay out of direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks before your appointment
  • Do not use self-tanner or spray tan products for at least 2 weeks before your treatment
  • Avoid drinking excessive alcohol 24 hours before your treatment
  • Avoid waxing/threading/tweezing the area for at least 4 weeks
  • Redness and bumps are normal
  • You may apply a cool compress to help with temporary swelling
  • Cleanse the area treated gently with mild soap. The skin should be patted dry and not rubbed during the first 48 hours. Avoid body scrubs for the first 48 hours
  • No makeup and lotion or deodorant for the first 24 hours
  • Use lukewarm water in the shower as hot water can irritate the treatment area
  • Dead hairs will begin to shed 5-30 days after your treatment
  • Avoid the sun to reduce the chance of dark or light spots for 2 months. Always use sunscreen throughout the treatment period and for 1-2 months following
  • Do not pick/scratch/wax/thread/tweeze the area
  • Wait at least 48 hours before going for a swim
  • Plan for your next appointment in 4-6 weeks
A focused person in a green scrub is performing a procedure using a white device on another person's leg in a clinical environment.

Is This Service Right For Me?

The laser Ivy Aesthetics uses is most effective on dark hair, but it may be used for light hair that has a darker root. Laser hair removal can be used successfully on most skin types. Unfortunately blonde and red hair cannot be treated.

A person in a green uniform with protective glasses and gloves operates laser equipment on another person's underarm in a clinical setting.
The image shows a person undergoing a laser hair removal treatment on their leg, with a technician operating the device in a clinical setting.

Our Prices

Area1 Session6 Sessions
Abdomen (L)$200$1,000
Bikini (M)$125$625
Brazilian (M)$175$875
Chest (L)$200$1,000
Chest & Abdomen (L)$220$1,100
Chin (S)$75$375
Feet (S)$75$375
Full Arms (L)$200$1,000
Full Back (XL)$300$1,500
Full Legs (XL)$350$1,750
Half Arms (M)$150$750
Half Back (L)$200$1,000
Half Legs (L)$250$1,250
Lip (S)$75$375
Lip & Chin (M)$125$625
Lip & Sideburns (M)$125$625
Navel (S)$75$375
Sideburns (S)$75$375
Underarms (M)$125$625
Unibrow (S)$75$375